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For Employers

We extend a warm welcome to all our employers, who have searched and approached us. All these employers have their own following process of employment:
Test and Interview: First candidates get short listed by the concerned authority and only then are they called for interviews and tests.
Information: Employers need to provide full information about the place of the job, rules and regulations, working conditions etc. Besides, it is essential for employers to provide information regarding the climate and the law and order situation of the country.
Permission: Permission is mandatory from the government offices of the employees.
Medical Examination: Moreover, special medical examinations and sessions are arranged for the candidates to thwart and conquer the risk of catching illnesses due to the change in climate and geographical conditions.
Registration procedure: There is a need to manage all documentation procedures seriously. Being a responsible Myanmar Staffing Agency, we arrange transport of the personnel by the leading airline services to offer a fast, perfect and swift service.
Well, these are simple steps and very necessary for every employer to follow.

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