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Skilled, dedicated, and happy employees are the key to a successful organisation. Many companies entering into the untested waters of Myanmar business set-up are now looking to third-party providers to help them find the best person for the job. Not only does this save time and resources for the organisation, but it also improves the chances of finding a perfect fit due to the dedicated, specialised providers who devote their hundred percent to fulfilling the client organisation's need for human resources. This is HR outsourcing at its best, offering large corporations as well as small initiatives the flexibility and freedom to concentrate on core areas while managing recruitment and other HR processes in a cost-effective manner. This, in short, is what we offer.


At Myanmar Manpower, we dedicate ourselves to finding the right people for the requirements at hand, ranging from local talent within Myanmar or executives from around the world, willing to be part of the new and exciting enterprising culture here. We provide end-to-end recruiting services where organisations can avail the services of our dedicated consultant to manage all aspects of their recruitment right from advertising for positions to final interviews and decisions. Whether you need to recruit skilled Burmese staff from within the country or source expatriate workforce who have the apt skills to manage your projects, Myanmar Manpower has the resources to provide you the perfect fit. Taking it further, we will employ them on our payroll and manage them while they work on your projects/assignments. We will provide them with benefits as per your organisational policies and then send you one combined invoice at the end of the month. All this makes managing your HR functions like a walk in the park on a breezy day.

We also provide payroll services and even office spaces and workstations for staff outsourced with us, so that client companies can have a presence in Myanmar without investing considerably in infrastructure. Myanmar Manpower, simply put, will help to get the best resources at hand and empower them and your organisation to grow. Recruitment and HR management in Myanmar has never been easier.

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