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Recruitment Process

Our procedures for HR outsourcing from Myanmar are very straightforward and not demanding any harsh and irrational terms and conditions. However, there are a few points which need to be fulfilled:

  On the job receipt order, our consultant is assigned to the portfolio. However, based on the individual job requirement, our updated databank  is scanned for the best available candidates.
•   On the demand of overseas companies, the respective associate is advised to screen the applications as per the required criteria.
  We advertise our procedure in the local and regional media, in order to attract the best available personnel.
•   Before sending out the resume to our office, our business partners conduct pre-selection interviews.
However, if any client asks for personal interview with our candidate, we arrange an interview either telephonically or personallly whatever possible. Once, the candidates get short-listed and selected by our clients, there are some following nominal procedures to be followed:

•   Candidates have to undergo a compulsory medical fitness test.
•   On receipt of the appointment letters, all required documents are processed as soon as possible.
•   Constant co-ordination is maintained between your office and our associates in the respective countries to ensure      that the candidates are mobilized in the shortest possible time.
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